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Historically, poor living conditions have been and still are directly correlated to poor health. To combat this issue, the State has established a standards for dwelling units. Those standards can be found in the Health and Safety Code, Section 17920.3.

The Yolo County Environmental Health Division responds to all substandard housing complaints in the unincorporated area, while each city is responsible for substandard housing complaints within their own city limits. City residents may use the city contact information provided under the Code Enforcement links if they are interested in filing a substandard housing complaint.

Residents of the unincorporated area of the county may submit a complaint of substandard housing conditions directly to Environmental Health. Please make sure to provide the following information (Environmental Health contact information provided at the end of this article):

Substandard Housing Complaint

Include the following information when reporting a substandard housing condition:
  1. Description of the substandard condition or conditions.
  2. Location where the conditions exist (exact street address if possible or an exact description of location.
  3. Name and address of the responsible party for the property (property owner, landlord, property management company) and phone number (allows our staff to more quickly contact the responsible party).  If you do not know all of this information, please provide whatever information you do know.
  4. Your name, address and telephone number (you may remain anonymous).  This allows our staff to contact you if we need more information and to let you know our progress on abatement of the nuisance.
  5. Whether you or some else have already spoken to the responsible party in an effort to resolve the condition, who you spoke to and approximately how long ago that conversation took place.
  6. Any additional information that will help our staff understand, investigate and abate the condition.


City of Davis Code Compliance

In person or by mail:
23 Russell Blvd. Suite 2,
Davis, CA 95616

Davis Code Compliance

Code Compliance Hotline (530)757-5646

include the address of the property, description of the violation, and the name and number of the reporting party.

Additional Numbers

Phone: (530) 747-5400
Fax: (530) 757-7102



City of West Sacramento Code Enforcement

 In person or by mail:
550 Jefferson Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA 95605

(916) 617-4925


West Sac Code Enforcement Division



City of Winters Code Enforcement

In person or by mail:
318 First Street
Winters, CA 95694

Email: Gene Ashdown

(530) 795-4910 ext. 118

Winters Code Enforcement



 City of Woodland Code Enforcement

 In person or by mail:
Community Development Department
300 First Street,
Woodland, CA. 95695

Email: James Carr

(530) 661-5820

Woodland Code Compliance



Yolo County Building and Planning Department

 In person or by mail:
292 West Beamer Street
Woodland, CA 95695

Building Inspection Services

(530) 666-8775

(530) 666-8156



 Mobile Home / Mobile Home Park Complaints

Do you take complaints regarding mobile home parks?
The County doesn't have jurisdiction over mobile home parks or employee housing. Both are permitted and inspected by the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

To file a complaint, call (916) 255-2501



Tenant and Landlord Rights

The following agencies may be contacted for information regarding tenant/landlord rights:

Legal Services of Northern California

Legal Services has income eligibility requirements, so you may or may not qualify for representation. Even if you don't qualify, they are still a good resource for general questions.

619 North Street, Woodland 
(916) 447-5798


Fair Housing Services

Fair Housing provides educational materials but does not provide legal representation. They have many good handouts and are a good place to start.

Davis, CA
1818 Fifth Street, Davis
(By appointment only)
(530) 757-5623

Davis Fair Housing

Woodland, CA
619 North Street, Woodland
(530) 662-1065

Woodland Fair Housing

West Sacramento, CA
112 I Street, Sacramento
(916) 444-6903 

Human Rights/Fair Housing


Contact Us

Yolo County Housing Program
292 West Beamer Street
Woodland, CA 95695

Email: Environmental Health

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Phone: (530) 666-8646
Fax: (530) 669-1448