Permanent Food Facilities

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What is a permanent food facility?

pexels-photo-1995010Permanent Food Facilities are those operating in a permanently constructed structure. Examples are restaurants, cafeterias, markets, delis, bakeries and bars. Environmental Health created a step-by-step guide below on how to open a food business to help potential food facility owners open a business with ease.

How to apply for a permit when you are a NEW business:

STEP ONE: Submit the following as a complete packet 

Inspectors have 20 business days to review and approve or reject plan checks. Plans and applications that are incomplete will be rejected. When plans are re-submitted, the 20 business day review starts over.

STEP TWO: Pre-Construction

  • When plans are approved, contact your local building department for a building permit before beginning construction.
  • If construction or demolition begins without the proper building permit, the facility will be subject to citations and the building will be red tagged until permit is approved. **Do NOT make any changes to the site plan unless confirmed and approved by an Environmental Health Specialist.
  • When the building permit is approved construction may begin.

STEP THREE: Post-Construction

  • When construction is finished, a final inspection of the facility is done. Facility must pass the final inspection in order to obtain a health permit prior to operating.
  • When the facility passes the final inspection - Complete and submit the Food Permit Application.
  • Pay annual permit fee. *All permits start on the first of the month. For example, if you apply on May 8, your permit will begin May 1st. Fee covers 1-2 inspections a year (depends on facility type) and one (1) follow-up inspection per routine inspection.

How to transfer ownership of an existing business:

When a food facility undergoes a change in ownership, Environmental Health requires that the facility be brought up to the current standards of the California Retail Food Code prior to issuing a health permit. Please note, permits are non-transferable. When an ownership change occurs, the new owner will need to re-apply for the permit and pay the annual permit fee. The person taking over ownership will be required to become a Certified Food Safety Manager within 60 days of opening for business.

FIRST STEP - Complete the Change of Ownership Questionnaire and return to Yolo County Environmental Health by email, fax (530) 669-1448 or drop off in person at 292 W Beamer Street, Woodland 95695.

SECOND STEP - The inspector assigned to your facility will review the questionnaire and determine if a plan check or an onsite review will be required prior to the approval of your health permit.

How to apply for a remodel of an existing business:

If remodeling is to be done or any changes in equipment are being made, plans must be submitted to Environmental Health for approval prior to beginning work. Please see the steps below for all that is required when submitting for a plan check.

Submit the following as complete packet - 

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