Food Programs

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The food program serves in the best interest of the public by assuring that all food is safe for people to eat. The food program uses the California Retail Food Code and other state laws to enforce food safely and construction requirements in all retail food facilities.

 Yolo County Environmental Health Specialists working in the food program:

  • Permit and inspect over 700 retail food businesses including restaurants, markets, school cafeterias, and bakeries
  • Permit and inspect 400 mobile food vendors and special event food booths.
  • Review construction plans and inspect new and remodeled facilities.
  • Investigate complaints regarding violations of the CRFC including unsanitary conditions.
  • Investigate suspected food-borne illness cases.

Types of Food Businesses:

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Food Protection Staff:

 Lewis Kimble  Supervising Environmental Health Specialist  (530) 666-8764
 Amrit Kaur  Environmental Health Specialist III  (530) 666-8605
 Cristy Munos  Environmental Health Specialist II  (530) 666-8584
 Dave Limburg  Environmental Health Specialist III  (530) 666-8584
 Leslie Ossai  Environmental Health Specialist II  (530) 666-8596