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Advisory Board Position
Animal Adoption
Child Support Services
Employment for Yolo County
Library Card
Marriage License
Mental Health
Public Assistance (homeless assistance, CalWORKs, CalFresh, general assistance)
Women, Infant and Children Program (WIC)


Dispose of...

Business Hazardous Waste
Electronic Waste
Household Hazardous Waste

Do business with Yolo County...

How to do Business with Yolo County
Register as a Vendor for Yolo County
Surplus Sales


Assessment Appeal
Claim form
Planning Commission Appeal
Restraining Order
Williamson Act Non-renewal


Election Information
A Job
Location for my Business
Property Records
Recycling Center

Get information about...

Business Assistance
Board of Supervisors
Children’s Health Program
Food Inspection Results
First Time Homeowners Loan
Housing Rehabilitation Loan
Immunizations / Vaccinations
Marriage Ceremonies
Yolo County

Locate a County building, Park or Library


Child Support
Property Taxes
Public Defender Fees
Victim Restitution

Report a concern...

Animal Bite (530) 668-5287 or (530) 666-8900 on weekends and evenings
Child Abduction and Recovery (530) 666-8400
Code Violation (530) 666-8775
Consumer Fraud
Elder Abuse (530) 661-2727 or toll free 1-888-675-1115
Environmental Health Complaint (530) 666-8646
Food Borne Illness
Housing Violation
Medi-Cal Fraud toll free 1-800-344-8477
Parole / Probation Violation
Report Child Abuse (530) 669-2345 or toll free 1-888-400-0022
Road Hazard, Pothole
Weights & Measures (530) 666-8140
Welfare Fraud (530) 661-2654


A Building Inspection
Copy of Birth or Death Certificate
Copy of Marriage License
Criminal / Juvenile Records be Sealed
To Get my Water Tested (530) 666-8646    


Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda / Minutes
Community Services (211 Yolo)
County Codes