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July 1, 2014  The Record Mitigation Clinic of the Yolo County Public Defender's Office Receives Award

The Yolo Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee gives financial award to the Yolo County Public Defender's Office Record Mitigation Clinic

May 22, 2014  Yolo County Man Found Not Guilty in Death of Infant Son 

Yolo County Deputy Public Defenders Monica Brushia and Martha Sequeria aid in the defense of a Woodland resident ultimately found not guilty, by a jury of his peers, of child endangerment 

March 2, 2014  Yolo County Deputy Public Defender Participates in a Mental Illness Discussion Panel 

Deputy Public Defender Bret Bandley participates in a panel discussion for NAMI-Yolo to provide insight regarding criminal justice and mental illness

March 7, 2014  Yolo Public Defender's Office Hosts Workshop to Help Clean Criminal Records for Offenders 

A half day workshop event was hosted by the Record Mitigation and Community Reintegration Clinic of the Yolo County Public Defender's Office to provide information and assistance to offenders regarding cleaning their criminal record.

February 27, 2014   Yolo County Public Defender's Office Sponsors Clothing Drive 

The office of the Yolo County Public Defender assisted in raising funds for the Fourth & Hope homeless shelter in Woodland through sponsoring a clothing drive.

March 19, 2013   50th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright Landmark Public Defender Case 

Yolo County Public Defender Tracie Olson discusses the importance and impact of the landmark Public Defender case, Gideon v. Wainwright, for its 50th Anniversary

April 12, 2011  The Importance of Yolo County Public Defenders 

Yolo County Public Information Officer Beth Gabor writes about the necessity of Public Defenders and, more specifically, the necessity of the Yolo County Public Defender







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