Certification of Rehabilitation


  • What is a certificate of rehabilitation?
    • A certificate of rehabilitation is a court order declaring that a person has been "rehabilitated."
    • It does not erase the record of your conviction and you must still reveal your conviction on job applications. 
    • However, some laws make it impossible for you to obtain a particular job or license if you have a criminal conviction.  A certificate of rehabilitation will remove these "statutory bars."  
    • If a certificate issues, it is deemed a recommendation that the Governor grant a pardon.  A person twice convicted of felonies must also have the recommendation of the California Supreme Court.
  • Am I eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation?
    • For the most part, to be eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation, you must not have been re-incarcerated for any reason since your release on probation or parole, you must satisfy certain California residency requirements, and you must satisfy an additional "period of rehabilitation" or waiting period.
    • A certificate of rehabilitation is available for most felony convictions and for some misdemeanor sex offenses specified in Penal Code section 290, provided that certain conditions are met. 
    • A certificate of rehabilitation must be filed with the court in the county where you reside.