Institutional Services



Patrick Turturici



Superintendent Patrick Turturici oversees the immediate management and business matters for Institutional Services at the Juvenile Detention Facility located at 2880 East Gibson Road, Woodland, California and the Alternative Sentencing.

With the combined efforts of his staffing of over ninety, (80 sworn Peace Officers, 8 armed Officers, and Administrative Support Staff) public safety needs are met for minors in detention, provision of supervised community work projects for alternative sentencing, and public protection when transporting in-custody adult and juvenile defendants.

The Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) contracts work with non-profit sites and allow court ordered defendants to perform work duties in lieu of incarceration. Additionally, this program provides beautification services for various locations throughout Yolo County.

The Transportation Unit provides transportation services of adult and juvenile defendants to and from court hearings, designated treatment or placement facilities. Transportation services are also provided for the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department.

For additional information about the Juvenile Detention Facility and the Alternative Sentencing Program/Transportation Unit, click on the associated tabs. For agencies who would like to schedule a tour of the facility, please contact Patrick Turturici at (530) 406-5388 or his Administrative Assistant, Suzette Perkins at (530) 406-5315. Tours are only provided to law enforcement, state, county, local government and federal agencies.

Juvenile Detention Facility Volunteer Program

All interested volunteers who would like to participate in the existing volunteer programs already in place at the facility must first complete the volunteer application, undergo a criminal background check, and must be approved by the Superintendent of the Detention Facility.

A copy of each applicant’s driver’s license or identification card is required with the Volunteer Application.

For New Programs:

Please call (530) 406-5308 and speak with our Program Coordinators. All programs are subject to approval by the Superintendent of the Facility. Call (530) 406-5308 or (530) 406-5300 for information on the existing programs.