Important Updates:

Monday, June 27: The Administration Building (625 Court Street in Woodland) has been closed due to a power outage expected to last the remainder of the day.  All offices and phone lines for functions in the building are closed.  Online services, however are available (i.e. taxpayers can still make online payments or drop payments in the box in front of the building).  For urgent matters only, call (530) 666-8150 or e-mail:

Vehicle Theft Deterrence

The mission of the Vehicle Theft Deterrence Unit is to address the incidence of vehicle theft in Yolo County through investigations, focused prosecutions, pro-active enforcement efforts, training and public awareness. Through the mutual cooperation of the SACCATS task force members and pooling of resources, the Vehicle Theft Deterrence Unit will work to reducing the incidence of Vehicle theft within Yolo County and prosecute cases of vehicle theft to the fullest extent of the law.