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Apply for services online with Viola, the interactive online application for child support.

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To have a paper application mailed to you, please call our office at (866) 901-3212 or stop by our office at 100 West Court Street, Woodland, CA. You can also download the application in any of the following languages:

English  | Armenian  | Chinese  | Hmong  | Russian  | Spanish  | Vietnamese  

For applications in other languages click here. Either parent or a legal guardian can apply for child support services.

Online payments

You can pay by credit card, with your bank account, set up reoccurring payments and much more with the California Department of Child Support Services online payment portal. 


The Department of Child Support Services has added an additional way to pay your child support. We have partnered with 7-eleven and PayNearMe to bring you another convenient payment option (fee of $1.99 per transaction). To find a PayNearMe location, go here.

Information Needed (Contact us to obtain and verify needed information at 866-901-3212)

  • Your participant identification number     

Mail payments

You can mail payments to: 

The State Disbursement Unit 
P.O. Box 989067 
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9067 

Payments through MoneyGram

Payments can be made via MoneyGram (fee of $1.99 per transaction):

Information Needed (Contact us to obtain and verify needed information at 866-901-3212):

  • Sender's Name is the first and last name of the Non-Custodial Parent 
  • Account Number of the Bill to Pay is the Participant ID Number
  • Receive Code will always be 14630 

To find a U.S location near you, click here.     

Bring your payment to the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services

Make a payment at our office (we accept cash, credit card, check or money order): 

100 West Court Street, 
Woodland, CA 95695

The staff of the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services is dedicated to working with you to find a solution to your child support matters. If you have questions about your payments, please contact us at (866) 901-3212.

Customer Connect - self service website

Customer Connect is a self-service website that you provides you the benefits to review you case information, make a payment or check payment status, sign up for emailed communication, update your contact information and more. To learn more, go to: Customer Connect Online.

Modifying your child support order

An existing child support order may be modified (changed) if there is: 

  • A significant increase or decrease in either parent's earnings. 
  • A change in custody or the amount of the time a child spends with either parent; or
  • A change in any other fact that would affect the child support guideline

You may request a modification online or contact our office at 866-901-3212 to have a modification packet mailed to you.

Either parent may request a review of their child support order. A modification may be justified if the support order would change by 20% or $50 whichever is less. Our agency will review the request for modification and if the requirements have been met and a change is appropriate. If there has been a major change, like getting a new job, losing a job (quitting a job does not qualify), or a change in custody or visitation, we will request the court to modify the child support order.

How much child support is right for my family?

California statute defines child support guideline - in other words, the mathematical calculation based on both parents income, number of children, share of custody, etc. that determines which parent is responsible to pay child support and how much. The court can deviate from guideline in some situations, or if both parents agree a Stipulation can be signed ordering the agreed upon amount. 

If you are interested in using a tool to estimate how much child support is appropriate for your family - the Guideline Calculator can assist you.

Child support arrears

Have you ever wondered how long until you have paid off your child support debt? Click here to use our interactive Arrears Estimator. Using this simple tool, you can estimate the total cost and time it will take you to pay off your past due balance based on the arrears payment you are making.

Need your driver or professional license back?

Be prepared to make a payment and contact us at 866-901-3212 or come to our office.

Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP)

You may be eligible to compromise (eliminate) some of your child support debt if your child support is owed to the government to repay the cost of public assistance (CalWORKs or Foster Care). Click here to determine if you may be eligible. If you have additional questions about whether you may qualify for COAP, please contact our office at 866-901-3212. Click here to find the COAP application.

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