Child Support Application

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You can download a Self Service Application for Support Services in the following languages:

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 Other Child Support Forms

Request for Modification
Use this link to request a modification (English only)

Use this form to respond to a Summons and Complaint if you disagree with the included Proposed Judgment.  Filing this will result in a hearing where you can explain your position to the Commissioner.

Request for Continuance
Use this form if you would like to ask the court for a change in the court date.  It must be approved by the court before the date can be changed.

Income and Expense (I&E) Declaration
Use this form if you are asked to file an I&E by DCSS or in court papers.

Request for Telephone Appearance
Use this form to ask the court for permission to appear by telephone.  Make sure you follow the requirements presisely.

Responsive Declaration
Use this form if you need or are required to respond to various court actions (like declarations, modifications, etc.)

Notice of Change of Address
Use this form when you move.  If you don't file a change of address form, you may miss important court papers and issues may be decided without your knowledge or input.

Compromise of Arrears (COAP) Application
Use this form to apply for a reduction in your unpaid child suport balance (arrears).  You may want to discuss this with your DCSS case worker first.