Exercises & Drills


 The Yolo County Health Department is participating in an interagency training and exercise opportunity with the cities of West Sacramento and Winters on October 22, 2011 and November 5, 2011.  This exercise will be an activation of two Point of Dispensing sites for the purposes of dispensing Influenza vaccine to the public.


Volunteers are being recruited for this exercise to staff all of the POD staff positions.  If you would like to volunteer to participate in either activation for this exercise - simply follow the instructions below:
  1. Contact the Yolo County Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer.coordinator@yolocounty.org
  2. Take the on-line POD course(s) located at www.yolopodclasses.org
  3. Follow any instructions which are sent to you through E-Mail.

 Past Public Health Emergency Preparedness Exercises

  • Yolo County Statewide Medical and Health Exercise (2012)
  • Esparto, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland Influenza Response (2012)
  • Yolo County Statewide Medical and Health Exercise(2011)
  • West Sacramento and Winters Influenza Response (2011)
  • Regional Distribution Center Full Scale Exercise (2011)
  • Yolo County Statewide Medical and Health Exercise (2010)
  • Seasonal Influenza and Pertussis Mass Vaccination Exercise (2010)
  • Woodland Memorial Hospital Evacuation Exercise (2010)
  • H1N1 Public Influenza Response (2009)
  • H1N1 First Responder Influenza Response (2009)
  • Seasonal Influenza Response (2009)
  • City of Davis First Responder Drill (2009)
  • University of California Davis Flu Clinic Exercise (2008)
  • City of Woodland First Responder Exercise (2008)
  • West Sacramento Flu Clinic Exercise (2007)
  • Avian Flu Drill (2006)
  • BioHazard Drill (2006)
  • Avian Flu Drill (2004