What services does Prenatal Care Guidance Provide?

Community Health Assistants (CHA) work with new mothers and families to:

  • Assist women and their child get health coverage and health care;
  • Promote women's health before, during, and between pregnancies;
  • Support parents to nurture and bond with their babies.

Who is eligible for Prenatal Care Guidance?

PCG serves low-income, Medi-Cal eligible pregnant women and their babies (up to 15-months of age) who reside in Yolo County. Women must be pregnant at the time of referral.

Why Prenatal Care Guidance?

PCG strives to promote the health of pregnant women and their babies, improve birth outcomes, strengthen parent-child bonding and infant development and create a healthy environment for the entire family.


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Medi-Cal, PE, CPSP, and AIM Prenatal Providers in Yolo County

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