• I don't want to involve my steady partner in this because I don't want to break up. Do I need to tell (or have someone from HHSA notify) him or her?
  • What if my partner(s) dn't live in Yolo County or even California?
  • How do I know which, if any, of my partner(s) may have been exposed to an STD or HIV?
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The Yolo County Cultural Competency team/committee strives to ensure that Yolo County’s commitment to cultural and linguistic competency are reflected throughout the HHSA system, and that staff training and program policies reflect this commitment and manifest racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity.  The primary goal of this group is to produce, implement and maintain a Cultural Competence Plan which includes the statements of mission, philosophy, plans, policies, procedures and key documents relating to a system-wide commitment to cultural and linguistic competence.




  •  Cultural Competency Committee Meeting (01/13/2017) 10:30am - 12:00pm  Clarksburg Room, Gonzales Building (24 N. Cottonwood Street)


Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

  • LGBTQ Pride Month Display (06/10/2015)
  •  Juneteenth Display  (06/10/2015)
  •  MHSA Wellness Center Asian Pacific Islander Awarness Event  (05/12/2015)
  •  MHSA Wellness Center Cinco de Mayo Event (05/05/2015)

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Cultural Compentency Events

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 Service Locations & Contact Information

Joan Beesley
MHSA Program Manager  
Theresa Smith, LCSW
Cultural Competency Coordinator 

 Bauer Building
137 N. Cottonwood Street, Suite 2500
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 666-8630
M-F 8: 00am – 5: 00pm

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Community Partners, Resources & Links


How to Obtain Services

Referral only.

Service triage appointments are offered at the Woodland or West Sacramento office and the LOCUS Tool is used to determine level of care needs. Eligible consumers may be assigned to a variety of services including participation in the Adult Wellness Center, following completion of a more in depth clinical assessment to review needs and determine medical necessity.

To schedule a triage appointment, consumers may call the toll free ACCESS line at (888)965-6647 or walk into the clinic nearest to them. Consumers are asked to bring proof of residency, Medi-Cal card, and/or proof of income for sliding scale fees.