Zip Books


Receive it. Read it. Return it.

ZipBooksFinalColorThe Yolo County Library offers Zip Books

This free service runs through June 2015 and is funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant from the California State Library and offers a “buy or borrow” option when materials not owned by the Yolo County Library are requested.

What are Zip Books?

Zip Books are print books $35.00 or less that the Yolo County Library doesn’t own but are requested by our customers. Instead of asking other library systems to loan us the materials, the Yolo County Library will try to purchase the titles that meet Zip Book requirements and have them sent directly to the customer’s mailing address. If they can’t be purchased then they will be borrowed and can be picked up at the customer’s designated branch of the Yolo County Library. NOT ALL REQUESTS CAN BECOME ZIP BOOKS - SOME REQUESTS WILL CONTINUE TO BE TRADITIONAL ILLS THAT NEED TO BE PICKED UP AT YOUR LOCAL BRANCH.  When the customer is finished with the Zip Book that was sent to them then they return it to the Service desk of any branch of the Yolo County Library. DVDs, Blu-rays and music CDs are not eligible.

How does Zip Books work?

If you make an interlibrary loan request for a print book from the Yolo County Library and the title you request is appropriate for adding to the library's collection it will be purchased from Amazon and sent directly to your mailing address. All other requests will be borrowed from other library systems.

When you are finished, just return it to any service desk of any branch of the Yolo County Library and then you can request another.

Who can use Zip Books?

Fully registered borrowers of any Yolo County Library branch in good standing are eligible. Borrowers must return their previous Zip Book before requesting another.

How do I use Zip Books?

If you are looking for a print book that the Yolo County Library doesn't own, you can place your request through our interlibrary loan system at The library will try to purchase the title you requested from Amazon and have it sent to your mailing address. Library staff will email or call you to let you know whether the item is being purchased for you through the Zip Books program or whether it will be borrowed from another library system and then can picked up at your designated branch of the Yolo County Library.

May I request more than one item through Zip Books?

Once you have returned the Zip Book that was sent to you then you may request another.

What happens to the Zip print book after it is returned to the library?

A librarian will review the item and decide whether to add it to the library's collection or include it in the Friends' of the Library booksale, the proceeds of which benefit the library.

What if I have more questions?

Please call 530-666-8005 for more information.