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General Homework Help

700+ Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Wonderful Web Sites for Kids and the Adults who care about Them This site includes links to online resources for fun and learning reviewed and organized by children's librarians. Compiled by the Association of Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association.

B.J. Pinckbeck's Homework Help: This gateway web page has links to sites on music and art and health and P.E. If you can't find the answer you can email. Be sure to try a Brain Booster! 

Calisphere:  A resource rich in digitized photos, cartoons, diaries and other documents dealing with various aspects of California history. Find photos and information on the everything from the aerospace industry to the Zoot Suit Riots!

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Subject Guide to homework help: This homework help site is organized by broad general subjects. A few of the sites are geared to students in the Pittsburgh area but most are helpful to all students.

Fact Monster: Infoplease Kid’s Almanac:  Access to an atlas, almanac, dictionary, a homework center and a lot more.

Fact Hound:  Tons of websites organized by age group and subject.

Gale Biography/ Literature/ General One File: An integrated resource for biographies, full text articles, literary critcism and general reference.

KidsNet: Includes pre-screened categories of websites in the arts, computers, news, etc.

Multnomah County Library Homework Center:  This is a huge homework related site organized by subject.

Quizz Hub:  Test your knowledge of daily events, prepare for the SAT or tomorrow's quizz!

Social Studies Fact Cards:  Find information about California indians, missions, counties, explorers, and more.

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A. Pintura, Art Detective:   This clever site uses a Dashiell Hammett detective style to help children explore the world of art. Adult will enjoy it too.

Dreams of Space: Provides an illustrated history of Space Art for children.

Impressionist Art for Children:  This is the site of the Museum of American Artists who worked in Giverny. A tour of the paintings provides biographical information about the artists. 


Biography.com:  Site has about 15,000 biography with a heavy emphasis on current celebrities.

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California History:

John A. Sutter's Account of the Discovery of Gold:  Read Sutter's first hand account of the discovery of gold and excerpts from his diary. There is the first hand accounts by Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman of their experiences in California as military officers during the pre-Civil War years.


Country Reports:  Provides historical, geographical and cultural information as well as the national anthem, flag and weather information.

History of Mexico Concise information on pre-Columbian, colonial and post-colonial history of Mexico up to the end of the 19th century.


Explorers of the Millenium:  : Features information and links about explorers from the well-known to the not-so-known. Site also features a quiz and bibliography.

Endangered and Threatened Species:

Endangered Species: Has links to pages developed for kids which includes general information and specialized sites dealing with specific species.

English Language Skills:

English Language Learning and Listening Listening, reading, spelling and more!. Learn about the mysterious colon and the elusive semi-colon.

Learn English: A very proper site focusing on British English but with plenty of information on a language we hold in common.

Foods from Other Countries

African Foods:  Recipes from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Find out what Bobotie is or how to cook up a dish called Dodo.

Asian Foods: Provides recipes for soups, main dishes, Dim Sum and, of course, Mooncakes.

Japanese Foods:  Includes recipes for common Japanese foods such as Miso soup and sushi rice and links pictures of Japanese food markets and signs.


How Far is It?:  This site with calculate the distance between two place and latitude and longitude information.

National Geographic Maps and Geography:  Provides printable maps of countries and regions as well as historical and ecological maps.

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All Things Christmas: Contains information about the origins of Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree and other Christmas related traditions.

Earth Calendar:  Search for holidays by date, religion, country or alphabetically. Bank and regional holidays are included. This site also includes lunar phases.

Labor Day:  The U.S. Department of Labor provides a brief history of the Labor Day holiday in the United States.

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday:  Coretta Scott King has an article on the meaning of this day and a history of the holiday is accessible from King Holiday Chronology button on the sidebar.

Thanksgiving in American Memory:  Articles, videos and facts about Thanksgiving.

Math and Mathematicians

Math.com :  Homework help and practice in basic math, pre-algebra is available as are references such as dictionaries, converters and online equation solvers. This site also has math games.

Platonic Realms: An interesting site that has a quotes collection and mini-texts dealing with mathematical topics. 

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Missions of California: Including information on the founding of each mission, the impact they had on the local native Americans and more.

Kidsport Missions of California : Information about California missions and mission economies.

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Native Americans:

Early California History:  Site includes information on early California history with an emphasis on the Chumash. Included are Chumash legends and lifestyle such as clothing and food. Try the cattail pollen pancakes!

Native American Sites:  Includes links to websites of individual tribes, information on language, powwows and festivals. 

Science and Science Fair Projects:

Bio Interactive: This site covers medical biology in a highly interactive way. Try their virtual labs, on antibodies or the nervous system or animations on blood flow or bacteria invasions.

ChemForKids: Need information on the Period Table, you'll find it here loaded with electrons, neutrons and protons and more!

Science Fair Projects:   Science fair project ideas for all ages groups written by teachers and scientists.

Exploratorium:  Find out about the science of skateboard, surfing, the story behind the discovery of DNA. A good place to check on robot competitions and other robot news.

Bill Nye The Science Guy:  Science questions asked and answered with a chance to email your own. This site also includes information on how to do home demos of experiments.

Energy Quest: www.energyquest.ca.gov : Sponsored by the California Energy Commission. Has safety tips, information about scientists and a contest

NASA Images:  NASA and Internet Archives, a non-profit digital library, has made available a vast collection of NASA's photographs, historic film and video.

Nine Planets:  Has scientific and mythological information not only about the planets of this solar system but also about their moons.

OceanLink: Find out what creates the tides, what are Radiolarians, hear whale song, learn about fantastic creatures of the deep. 

The Why File:  This is a project of the National Institute for Science Education and feature the science behind the headlines. The topics change every other week and the site includes a collection of scientific images.

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States Info:

50States:  Provides basic information such as admission date, state flower and flag and also links to museums, newspapers and more.

United States History:

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids: http://bensguide.gpo.gov : This site is organized by grade level with a special section for teachers and parents. Topics for kids include elections, geography, citizenship and national versus state laws. This site also include links to other government websites for kids.

Benjamin Franklin:  From the Franklin Institute Science Museum, this site offers a multimedia presentation of the many talents and roles of Benjamin Franklin, including statesman, printer, musician. Look under his role as Philosopher to find out why Franklin suggested the rattlesnake as the symbol for America.

FirstGov for Kids:  This is a portal to other sites appropriate to kids on a variety of topics including health, history, transportation, space, recreation, music and more.

Liberty Bell:  Find out how the Liberty Bell got it's name, and when it was actually created.

Mayflower Web Page: Extensive information about the Mayflower and its passengers. Find out about the religious beliefs of the Pilgrims, their daily life, clothing, weapons and relations with Native American tribes of the area.

Native Americans in New England:  Comprehensive site on Native American tribes who first came in contact with European explorers in New England. Site includes sections on metalwork, beads and basket making.

The Prairie Traveler:  This site has the full text to a manual written in 1859 to provide information for inexperienced pioneers setting out to the West. It contains fascinating details on how to survive the rigors of the journey.