Strategic Plan

Where are we going?
April 10, 2008
By Sharon Jensen, Yolo County Administrator & Beth Gabor, Yolo County Public Information Officer

One of Yolo County’s significant accomplishments last year was completing a comprehensive strategic plan which includes a vision for our future out to 2022, an updated mission and list of core values, and goals for the year 2012. With the leadership and direction of the Board of Supervisors, and significant involvement from county department heads, and other key staff, this valuable exercise resulted in adopting the following:

Our Vision for Yolo County in 2022 represents our desired destination based on our values and principles. In 2022 we have “preserved agriculture and used open space and natural areas to separate our distinctive communities. It is a place for healthy living, supported by easy mobility and a 21st century technology community. Yolo County has a strong local economy and an abundance of water. It’s a great place to call home!”

Our Mission is “to provide responsive county services and to be financially sustainable. We engage our residents and partner with our community.”

Our Core Values guide how we operate and reflect the foundation for our county government. Our values are Service – Performance – Integrity – Responsibility – Innovation – Teamwork.

Our Goals for 2012 provide the road map to our desired destination during the first five years of the strategic plan. The goals are “a financially sustainable county government; an environmentally sensitive and quality county infrastructure, facilities and technology; a top quality workforce providing responsive services; preservation of agriculture and open spaces with planned development; partnering for a successful Yolo County; and a safe and healthy community.”

The Board of Supervisors recently reaffirmed the above, and at the same time, took the opportunity to review our many accomplishments since the inception of the strategic plan. The list of achievements from last year far exceeds the space allotted in this column. A few highlights include: a preferred land use alternative for the General Plan; an enhanced legislative advocacy program; a roads capital investment program; completion of six labor contract agreements; establishment of a climate change initiative; and the first Summit on Aging.

We have much to be proud of, but there is work yet to be done to realize our goals for 2012, and our vision for 2022. Earlier this year the Board of Supervisors again identified another ambitious list of priorities for 2008 which include: developing an economic development strategy; a new tribal memorandum of understanding; a water resources strategy which includes flood control and levee analysis; strategies for indigent health care; and strategies for alcohol, drug and mental health care. Additionally, we continue updating the General Plan; securing bond and grant money; enhancing the workforce planning program; refining the use of advisory boards; and further developing the climate change initiative.

Again, this is only a partial list of a very robust agenda for 2008. But with the road map to our desired destination clearly defined by the Board of Supervisors, we are prepared to meet these objectives on behalf of the residents of Yolo County. Our destination is well defined and is indeed based on our core values and principles. We know where we want to go, and with the community’s support, we are on our way there.