Human Resources

Yolo County Human Resources
May 14, 2009
By Beth Gabor, Yolo County Public Information Officer

Most days, the Yolo County Human Resources Department is very busy managing the recruitment, examination, selection and promotion of job applicants, the classification of positions and promotion of employees, employee relations and labor negotiations, benefits administration, risk management and employee training (pause for a breath) – just to name a few programs. This year they’ve added a few more programs to their already full plate.

Just last month, the department unveiled Job Search Central – a section on the county Web site ( designed to provide resources and tools to assist job seekers in finding employment during these uncertain fiscal times. The primary goal of Job Search Central is to educate, prepare and directly assist Yolo County employees affected by budget cuts in obtaining paid employment. While the Web pages were developed especially for Yolo County employees at risk for layoff, the resources are posted on the county’s public Web site so others impacted by job losses throughout the region can also benefit from the resources and information. As of March 20, unemployment rates in Yolo County reached 12%, well over the national average of 8.1% and the California average of 10.5%.

This month, the Human Resources Department held a workshop for employees intending to retire in the next few months. Participants in the workshop enjoyed the camaraderie of their peers while receiving information and resources on both the benefits and challenges of transitioning into retirement. Workshop speakers included former employees currently relishing in the joys of retirement, as well as various experts throughout the community.

Transitioning from the workplace into retirement can be a challenge for many; some retirees thrive while others succumb to boredom and a reduced sense of value. During the retirement workshop Dr. Leigh Harrington, clinical psychiatrist with the Yolo County Alcohol, Drug & Mental Health Department, spoke about the affects of significant life changes on an individual and offered advice on ways to continue to feel productive after retirement. Dan Rice of the Woodland Senior & Community Center invited participants to visit their new facility and to become part of the center’s growing community. And, finally, the Yolo Federal Credit Union, with the assistance of financial planner Diova Gray, helped future retirees focus on financial planning for the “golden years.”

Participants in the retirement workshop were also introduced to YoloLINK (, an online database and directory of community resources maintained by the Yolo County Library and Department of Employment & Social Services. Besides providing resources on subjects related to housing, health care, counseling, recreation, mental health, senior services, legal matters and rehabilitation, among others, YoloLINK can also assist retirees in finding activities and educational opportunities centered on their interests.

“Transitioning into retirement or on to a new job can be both rewarding and a challenge,” notes Yolo County Human Resources Director Mindi Nunes. “We want to ensure our employees who have served us so well for so many years are equipped and ready to fully enjoy this next phase in their lives. The opportunities abound for professional growth, to spend more time with family, give back to the community through volunteer work or to take on new personal goals.”