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County Road 98 Bike and Safety Improvement Project, Phase II

 Yolo County is in the planning and design stage of the County Road (CR) 98 Bike and Safety Improvement Project, Phase II project.

 The project will extend the following improvements southward from the first phase of the CR 98 project, completed in 2014.  The project will begin approximately 1300 feet south of CR 29 and extend 4.1 miles southward to the Solano County Line.   A preliminary description of the project improvements are described below:

  •  Add eight-foot paved shoulders for bike lanes and an additional twelve-foot clear recovery zone along the entire length of both sides of this existing narrow two lane arterial road. 
  • Close the gap between the existing Class 1 bike path on Russell Blvd and the Class 2 bike lanes on Hutchison Drive on the University of California campus.Whether this gap closure is Class 1 or Class 2 bike lane will be determined during project development after consultation with the public, adjacent property owners, and the University of California at Davis.
  • Install roundabouts or signals at the intersections with County Road 31, CR 32, and Hutchison Drive.The intersections of CR 98 with CR 31 and CR 32 are currently controlled with four-way stop signs.
  • Relocate drainage ditches and utility poles outside the clear recovery zone.
  • Provide mitigation for environmental impacts of project.

 The project has currently received federal funding for preliminary engineering.

 September 05, 2018 Public Meeting Announcement

 Slides from September 05, 2018 public meeting

Current Project News:

Omni-Means, Ltd has been hired to assist the County in evaluating intersection alternatives at Hutchison Drive, CR 32, and CR 31. In the next months they will be performing that evaluation.  The results and preliminary design alternatives will be presented at the next public meeting during the the spring of 2017. 

Past Project News:

February 7, 2017 Public Meeting

 At the February 7, 2017 public meeting at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, Social Hall, Ross Ainsworth of Omni-Means presented a power point regarding project goals and pros and cons of the intersection alternatives of traffic signals and roundabouts at the major intersections in the corridor.  Aerial pictures of the corridor as well as blown-up pictures of the intersections of CR 98 with Hutchison, CR 32, and CR 31 were on display for members of the public to make comments and concerns about the existing intersections and what improvements they would like to see.  Staff from Omni-Means and the County listened to concerns and answered questions about the project.

 Transcripts of the comments from the public are posted here:

  February 7, 2017 Intersection comments

  February 7, 2017 Corridor comments

  February 7, 2017 All comments categorized by topic

The power point presentation is posted:

  February 7, 2017 power point

Some additional typical sections are posted:

  February 7, 2017 typical sections

March 2, 2016 Public Meeting

 At the March 2, 2016 public meeting at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, Social Hall, the County displayed plans showing the existing road and areas beyond the existing road, as well as plans of potential typical cross sections of the new road.  Members of the public were invited to make comments and concerns about the existing roads and what improvements they would like to see.

 Potential typical sections are posted here:

  March 2, 2016

 Written comments received at and following this meeting are posted here: 

  March 2, 2016

 Questions about the project should be directed to Darlene Comingore at