Waste Management Information

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Garbage and Recycling Services for the Unincorporated Area



 • Weekly Refuse Pick-up
       (cart size of your choice)

 • Bi-weekly Recycle Pick-up
       (96 Gallon Cart)

 • On-call Bulky Pick-up Service
      (Once a year)

 $26.77 per month*
 35-gal cart, plus
96-gal recycle cart  
 $28.89 per month*
 64-gal cart, plus
96-gal recycle cart
$34.95 per month*
96-gal cart, plus
96-gal recycle cart  

 35gal Trash and 95gal Recycling CARTS  Trash and Recycling Carts - Small  Trash and Recycling Carts

 * Statements are issued every other month and reflect two months of service.

service schedule

Green Vehicle

    Monday    --  None
   Tuesday    --  Clarksburg (collection calendar), Knights Landing and Yolo Wednesday -- Madison, Monument Hills/Paintridge (Woodland) 
El Rio Housing (collection calendar) 


Thursday  -- Zamora, Dunnigan, Wild Wings, Willow Oak Area, CR 28, CR 103, and
                        Esparto (East side of Hwy 16/ Yolo Avenue - Side of town with high school property)
   Friday     -- 
Esparto (West side of Hwy 16/ Yolo Avenue) and Capay

service areas

Green House Area 1A --  Clarksburg
Area 1B --  Capay/Esparto/Madison/Wildwings/Monument Hills/
                     Willow Oak/Paintridge
Area 1C --  Yolo/Zamora/Dunnigan
Area 1D --  Knights Landing
Area 1E --  County Road 28/Cedar Logs Drive/Chandler Place
Area 1F --  County Road 103
Area 1G -- Branigan Farm Road
how to lower your bill

           Recyling and Leaf     

 1)  Put more in the recycle cart, and less in the refuse cart
 2)  Call WM and switch to a 35 or 64-gallon refuse cart
 3) You can apply for our Low Income Subsidy Program (LISP)
  Click here for more information.