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Protect Yourself, Family (including pets) and Neighbors in the Heat

Post Date:06/14/2017 4:26 PM

Press Release

(Woodland, CA) – High temperatures are expected in Yolo County beginning Friday, June 16th and continuing into early next week, with the hottest temperatures, over 100 degrees, anticipated for Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. As a result, Yolo County officials are reminding all county residents to take measures to protect themselves accordingly, especially vulnerable populations which include: individuals over 65 years of age, children under 4 years of age, those who work outdoors, people who are overweight and those who are ill or may be on certain medications that can affect their ability to handle fluids.

Fortunately, cooler night time temperatures will bring some relief during this heat spell, but residents who do not have adequate air conditioning may experience heat-related problems during the day. Those residing in homes without adequate air conditioning should find a friend or relative to stay with during the hottest parts of the day, or another location in the community where air conditioning is available such as a public building, shopping center, restaurant or movie theater. For a map listing public locations in Yolo County with air conditioning, please visit:  

Residents are urged to protect themselves during hot weather by taking the following precautions:

 Drink extra non-alcoholic fluids, especially water
 Stay cool indoors in air-conditioned facilities, especially during the hottest part of the day
 Pace yourself and avoid heavy exertion in the heat
 Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing, a broad-brimmed hat and sunscreen
 Avoid hot foods and heavy meals
 If you become lightheaded, feel confused or experience any other symptoms of heat exhaustion, get to a cool area until you feel better
 Never leave a person or animal in a parked car; temperatures inside a vehicle can rise to dangerous levels in minutes
 Don’t forget pets that also need extra water and shade
 Check on vulnerable neighbors who may need assistance.