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North Davis Meadows CSA Community Meeting

For several years, Yolo County and the community have been working on a way to address significant water quality issues in North Davis Meadows. In June of 2015, a survey of residents showed strong support for a water system consolidation project with the City of Davis which would connect indoor uses only to the City’s system, while maintaining irrigation and fire flow uses on our well system. Since then, we have been working with the City of Davis and engineers to design such a system.

As with many projects of this nature, some circumstances/assumptions have changed since the design was initiated, and new information has come to light compelling us to pause, re-evaluate the path we are on and consider some alternatives. Currently, the three scenarios being considered are 1) staying the course, 2) connecting all water uses to the City, or 3) connecting indoor and fire flow uses to the City system. There are pros and cons, costs and benefits to all three scenarios.

On Wednesday, September 13, there will be a North Davis Meadows Community Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Church of Christ (39960 Barry Road) to learn more about the three scenarios and hear from the City of Davis Fire Chief, Assistant Public Works Director and engineers hired to help see this project to fruition. All are encouraged to attend so as a community, we can help the Board of Supervisors make the best decision on next steps related to clean drinking water and adequate fire flow in North Davis Meadows.